Dolphins are seen year a round however they are wild and therefore we cannot guarantee dolphins will be present on any guided kayak tour.

Manatees frequent the area year around and are seen March thru December. Manatees are seen in greater numbers in the months of May thru October. Manatees are wild and we cannot guarantee they will be seen on any guided kayak tour.

There are no alligators on this tour, however alligators are wild and can be found in any body of water throughout the state of Florida.

Desoto Kayak Tours does not rent kayaks. We are a guided kayak tour company only.

All booking for kayak tours is done online through our secure website. We do not have a store front at the launch location.

The cancellation policy can be viewed when booking and you must accept the terms prior to booking. Desoto Kayak Tours does not kayak in hazardous weather conditions.