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Why A Kayak Tour?

So why should you go on a kayak tour with other people versus renting a kayak and going it alone? You can do just that if you want. Here are some reasons why you might what to opt for the tour.

Can’t get lost on a kayak tour

If you don’t have a map and know the waters, you could have a hard time finding your way back to your launch site. Experienced guides know the waterways and are not going to get lost. They are also very observant and keep track of their guests so they don’t get separated.

Kayak tour provides Safety in Numbers

What if you are kayaking by yourself and have an issue? It could be a medical issue or an issue with the kayak. With a kayak tour guide and other guests around, you will help within a few feet of you.

Watch the sky

In the summer, Florida weather can change in minutes. Our experienced kayak tour guides watch the sky and can tell if you need to head back to shore due to approaching bad weather.

Find the Wildlife

Our tour guides know where to find and how to spot wildlife. They are often standing up in their kayak looking out for manatees, dolphins, bird, and other sea life to show you. They are knowledgeable about the different species and provide you with interesting facts about the wildlife and ecosystem. Often when you are kayaking alone, you are too busy paddling and navigating to notice wildlife. We definitely don’t recommend you standing in your kayak like the guides do.

Desoto Kayak Tours

With Desoto Kayak tours, your safety and enjoyment are of upmost importance to us. We will provide you with a much better experience than any self-guided kayak outing. While we can’t guarantee seeing manatees, dolphins, and every native species of wildlife every time we go out, our guides will find them if they are in the area. Book a tour today!

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